How provably fair works and why it’s the future of online casinos?

If you happen to have engaged in any form of online casino gambling at any point during your adult life, then you will most probably know how difficult it is to actually win money. Despite all the countless promotional campaigns, and so called amazing odds and jackpots and payout percentages, somehow, you end up losing more than you have won, of course with the exception of a lucky few winners. However, for the majority of the players, they fall on the loser side of the line.

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Any normal person, who loses their money at an online gambling casino will tend to become suspicious of the legitimacy of the website and will seriously start to doubt whether the games are rigged and whether the casino is basically cheating you out of your money. How you can you positively know that the casino is in fact actually giving you a fair chance and that the games are actually trust worthy? Well, to solve this dilemma, is the purpose and intent with which the provably fair system was introduced and as the name suggests this system will essentially PROVE that the casino and all of its games are fair and balanced.

So the question we are asking today is how does this system work?

What exactly is the provably fair system?

A provably fair system was first introduced in the year 2010 and the intent behind this system was to prove without a shadow of a doubt that online shuffles which online casinos make are in fact actually fair. (the whole issue\doubt arose since the players did not have access to the whole deck and so there was no way for them to know if the shuffle was rigged).

The advantage of the provably fair system is that players can pretty much trust any online casino which has been certified by the provably fair system as being fair, furthermore, even if a casino has the provably fair system stamp on it, the player can still go ahead and verify that each and every single ame being hosted on that casino is fair by clicking on the provably fair logo associated with that particular game, and the system will then redirect the player to enter his or her personal details after which he or she will be provided with verifiable proof that the game is in fact provably fair.

How is this proof verifiable? What is the logic behind it?

The function used by provably fair casinos is called cryptographic hash which is also known as the SHA256 algorithm. This logic basically ensures that neither the player nor the casino will have any idea about how a deck will be shuffled until the time that is actually dealt.

The casino servers will basically create new decks and the shuffling will be provisioned by a hardware number generator.

Furthermore, the server will also come with random strings in addition to the random number generator which will ensure that the shuffle is as good as a real life shuffle.